Connected Subtitling : Biggest Innovation in Subtitling

iMediaTrans - Broadcast-standard Cloud Subtitle Preparation/Import, CDN Powered Proxy Video Hosting
SubtitleCast - Subtitle Server within transmission chain that connects to cloud to automatically service to TV and OTT

Cloud-based Errorless, Effortless Subtitle Ecosystem

Upload your proxy video to the cloud and send links so that anyone can start subtitling on their browsers.

Once finished click on Synchronization to have the subtitles be ready to be aired anywhere in the world.

When your video is played out on any TV channel or OTT, your subtitles are serviced instantly using audio fingerprinting (and not audio recognition) automatically.

No delivery of subtitles, no integration with automation, no timecode required, no operational effort required.

Use legacy Closed Caption Encoders, DVB Subtitle Encoders, Open Subtitle Encoders to meet your subtitling formats.

World’s Most Advanced Cloud Subtitle & Caption Preparation and Import Platform

CDN-powered proxy video hosting, so any vendor or client can access the subtitling workspace instantly on their browsers or mobile devices.

Design workflows and place batch orders for TV series type projects.

Centrally-control technical specifications so your vendors don’t make technical errors.

World’s most efficient timecoding algorithm - broadcast accuracy timecodes added in ‘near real-time.’

Errorless, Effortless,Versatile

Once preparation or import is done on the cloud using proxy video, all subtitles are now matched against the “audio fingerprints”.

Now, SubtitleCast Server listens to your SDI audio from video server during broadcast, instantly matches against the cloud and services subtitles or captions in form of DVB Subtitling, Closed Captioning, etc.

No more delivery of subtitles to your MCR. Once synced on the cloud, they are just serviced using audio - meaning no error, no effort. Plus the Subtitling Server can locate anywhere in your transmission chain as it doesn’t require connection to the automation systems.

More than just the traditional subtitling

Export to all sorts of subtitle file formats to use for DVD Subtitling or Internet VOD.

Integrate our SubtitleCast SDK to your iOS and Android app. Now without any additional effort after syncing your subtitles on the cloud, all of your viewers are provided multi-language subtitles to their devices directly from the iMediaTrans cloud.

When you edit your video you would normally do a subtitle recut or retimecoding. Nope, this isn’t required now. SubtitleCast technology delivers regardless of video edits happened after subtitling, nor change of framerates, etc.

Your Subtitles or Captions are just serviced no matter what - to all those multiple windows or channels, with no delivery nor monitoring efforts.

Manage all of your global 100+ channels to have multi-language subtitling or captioning without ever wondering whether you delivered your subtitle files to those transmission chains or not.They are just serviced when the matching audio comes out.

Integrate with your legacy Closed Caption encoders or DVB Subtitling Servers and enjoy the full benefit of the cloud and connected subtitling.

Offline Matching Servers are optional to function as backup when all Internet connections fail within the transmission environment.